• Category : SERVICE

Structural Engineering

When trying to imagine a new project, it is natural to think about shape, the aspect of the facades, the use of volumes … But no one dreams of a galvanised high resistance H profile steel girder… However, a building or work of art cannot exist without structure. It is the structure that keeps everything together.

Our structural engineers are at the service of architects and services engineers, ensuring that their ideas will find their way from the drawing table to reality while allowing proper functionality of the building services. They constantly search for the best solution, making the building function at an optimal price. As such, for a VKA engineer, the question is never whether something is possible, but rather at what cost.

M&E Engineering

The technical installations and mains connections form an essential element in creating a high-performance, functional building. VKA Healthcare offer all the M&E Engineering required within the design and implementation process. In the areas of mechanics, electricity and sanitation – and their wide range of sub-disciplines – our engineers control every aspect of a project: air-conditioning, lighting, communications and data communication, lifts, security, access control etc.

Our engineers apply their knowhow and experience to a range of projects, from care centres to office blocks and residential developments to catering projects, schools, underground car parks and public spaces. This knowledge is applied to new buildings, renovations and restorations of protected buildings and interiors.

We also have expertise in specific applications for specific sectors. In the care and pharmaceutical sectors, our engineers design installations for medical gases, medical equipment, clean rooms, cold storage, contamination levels, overpressure etc.